Wetland management area - wetland

A comprehensive mapping exercise has been undertaken for wetlands of high ecological significance (HES) and general ecological significance (GES) across Queensland in order to identify areas where planning and assessment policies will apply including the State Planning Policy: Protecting Wetlands of High Ecological Significance in Great Barrier Reef Catchments. Identification of HES wetlands within the Great Barrier Reef catchments has been determined using the Department of Environment and Resource Management's rigorous Aquatic Biodiversity Assessment and Mapping Methodology (AquaBAMM).

Hydrographic features - Queensland series

This is a series of datasets covering the State of Queensland displaying hydrographic features. Features are attributed with source information, perennially, hierarchy and names where available. Watercourses are connected and flow directed. Connectors flow through waterbodies to create a linear network for hydrological modelling. Datasets include: - Watercourses; Canals; Lakes - natural waterbodies; Reservoirs - man-made waterbodies; Flats including saline coastal flats, swamps; Pondage areas including aquaculture, settling ponds; Waterfalls


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