National Coordinates

The accurate position of highly stable reference stations across the nation is fundamental to all location-based technologies used in Australia. The resulting outputs of the National Positioning Infrastructure (NPI) Capability and national observations and measurements are the 3D (horizontal and vertical) coordinates of these reference stations maintained by the Commonwealth and States and Territories.

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National Land Tenure

Land tenure is one of the key underlying influences and limitations to changes in land management. The Land Tenure dataset is for organisations that rely on the known tenure of land to inform land management decisions. Data is sourced from the land authorities within state and territory governments and standardised into a four level structure.

PSMA Administrative Boundaries

The Administrative Boundaries datasets are Australia’s most comprehensive national collection of boundaries including government, statistical and electoral boundaries. Administrative Boundaries is produced by PSMA Australia Limited (PSMA), an unlisted public company formed by the nine governments of Australia to collate and standardise, format and aggregate location data from each of the jurisdictions into authoritative location based national datasets.


The G-NAF Product Description (an ISO 19131 compliant description) provides an optimised quality geometric description and a set of basic attributes of the Address Index for Australia. G-NAF incorporates all addresses included in contributors’ data that are regarded as complete addresses. G-NAF data is revised on a regular basis.

PSMA Transport and TopographyTM

The Transport and Topography dataset is underpinned by a road centreline layer of over 2.7 million kilometres of roads, together with more than 30 feature types within transport, hydrology and green space themes. Roads - a national coverage of network roads at all levels within Australia. Everything from major highways to outback tracks, new roads and changes to current roads. Airports - all aspects of airport infrastructure within Australia, including all airports from international to local landing strips.


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