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Forest of Australia

Forests of Australia is a national forest cover dataset produced by the National Forest Inventory (NFI) - an Australian Government, States and Territories cooperative project. The Forests of Australia dataset describes the extent and distribution of Australia's major forest types. The dataset uses NFI's definition of forest: "An area, incorporating all living and non-living components, that is dominated by trees having usually a single stem and a mature height or potentially mature height exceeding 2 metres and with existing or potential crown cover of overstorey strata to or greater than 20%"

The dataset is developed from datasets provided by relevant state and territory agencies and includes datasets from Australian government agencies and other sources to fill data gaps. Typically, the states and territories input datasets are based on data collected at from different a combination of different platforms, at different scales, using different methods, and of different ages – depending on the jurisdiction's priorities. Input datasets are usually a mix of vector and raster formats and a range of scales / resolutions: 1:25 000 to 1: 100 000 for vector and from 25m to 100m for rasters. The data are ground-truthed by the responsible agencies. The NFI uses ancillary data to verify and identify potential errors which then get referred back to the responsible agencies for validation.

State and territory agencies provide the NFI with appropriate look-up tables to enable classification into nationally consistent NFI forest cover classes. However, floristic information from the National Vegetation Information System (NVIS) is used may be used where data gaps exist.

The national Forest of Australia dataset is compiled as a raster of 100m resolution and includes both native and plantation forests. Three instances of the data have been published (1998, 2003 and 2008). A fourth instance (2013) due for imminent release.

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