Native Title Determination Outcomes

Determination area showing categorisation of the existence or otherwise of native title for portions of the area. The native title outcomes depicted include: Native Title exists (exclusive), Native Title exists (non-exclusive), Native Title does not exist and Native Title extinguished. The areas shown according to this classification are based on the best information available to the Tribunal at the date of determination, and should be considered indicative only. The Tribunal is not able to map all native title outcome areas included in determinations.

Tasmanian Land Use 2015

The Tasmanian land use 2015 spatial data set is produced at catchment scale which is undertaken through the Australian Collaborative Land Use and Management Program (ACLUMP) using standards set out in the 'Guidelines for land use mapping in Australia: principals, procedures and definitions, 4th edition 2011' and ‘Addendum to the Guidelines for land use mapping in Australia: principles, procedures and definition, 4th Edition’.

Geographic features - Queensland series

This is a series of datasets covering the State of Queensland displaying geographic features. Features are attributed with source information and names where available. Datasets include: - Bays including Bays, Coves, Gulfs etc.; Large Area Features including Deserts, Peninsulas etc.; Mountain Ranges; Beaches; Sea Passages; Mountain Peaks; Capes including Capes, Points, Head; Mainland; Marine Islands; Reefs and Shoals; Island Groups, Highest Astronomical Tide

Queensland topographic map web service

The Queensland topographic map service is based on data acquired and collated by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Queensland for more than thirty years. This data is used primarily for the creation of the 1:25 000 Topographic Map Series covering various parts of Queensland. The service uses a map cache created for the following scales: 1:18,084, 1:36,112, 1:72,224, 1:144,448, 1:288,895, 1:577,791, 1:1,155,581, 1:2,311,162, 1:4,622,324 and 1:9,244,649. The map cache will be refreshed periodically to show updated data.

Watercourse identification map - Queensland series

The watercourse identification map (WIM): identifies geographic features that are managed under the Water Act 2000 section 5AA; is displayed in the Google Earth Queensland Globe's category globe 'inland waters'; is updated monthly, nominally the first business day on or after the first of the month (except January) (CERTIFIED date); displays datasets WM1228 watercourse, WM1232 drainage feature, WM1234 downstream limit. See and